How to fix Roku Remote not pairing issue?

Roku is one of the popular American hardware digital media players. Recently, many issues have been reported while pairing the Roku remote. Since you are here, means you are also facing the same issue. Here’s our guide to fixing Roku Remote not pairing issue.

Trouble with pairing Roku Remote on Roku device

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Roku is becoming popular among streaming devices due to its magnanimous features. It offers to stream channels, mirroring across different devices, and even offers cloud DVR recording. You can watch channels such as Disney, NBC, ESPNPluto TV and Paramount Plus.

Before proceeding to fix anything, always make sure to check the basics. Follow the primary checkup points below to ensure whether the problem is simple or you need to pour more effort.

Primary check-ups to fix Roku remote pairing issue

  • Make sure you are at least 5 feet away. Otherwise remote cant work properly.
  • Check whether the batteries are correctly inserted or batteries are working properly.
  • Place your Roku device facing towards the remote side instead of keeping them behind the television.
  • If you are using a Roku simple remote then make sure there are no obstacles on the path between the remote and the device

If the above-mentioned solved your issue then, congratulations, and if not then it can be either a hardware issue or an issue regarding pairing the remote with a Roku device. Hardware issues can be rectified by consulting concerned authorities. There is nothing much we can do about it. But if it is a pairing issue, then try the following steps

Steps to fix Roku remote pairing issue

Re-pair the Roku remote

Before doing the step, identify the type of remote you are using. The initial steps are different but the rest are almost similar. Note: You can follow our guide for repairing the Roku remote.

Try to identify the Search Button from the remote. If you can’t find one use the voice control feature to open the search bar. If you are using a simple Roku Remote then you will find only the Search Button in it.

Trouble with pairing Roku Remote on Roku device?

  1. Remove the power source from the Roku device and wait for a few seconds and then supply power.
  2. Wait for the Roku device to turn on.
  3. Restart your Roku remote by removing and placing the battery back. If there is any flash of light then the battery is functional otherwise the battery is dead.
  4. It will take some time for the remote to connect with the Roku device.
  5. If paired then a notification will pop on the screen indicating the pairing.

Now you are good to go and test whether the Roku remote is working flawlessly or not. If not, then proceed with the steps ahead.

Another way to Restart the Roku device

  • Remove the battery from the Roku device and re-insert it.
  • Once the remote is paired Press the Home button on the remote.
  • Choose Setting.
  • Click Power.
  • Click on System Restart.

Other Practical solution

  • Consult the Roku support team and get their guidance.
  • If you are using an old Roku remote then it is advised to get the latest one which has tons of features and is worth the money.

We hope you have successfully connected the Roku remote to the Roku Device using our guide. If you still have any queries related to Roku remote pairing issue, then do let us know via the comments below.


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