Real-Time Live View counters now live for some YouTubers.

YouTube – the world’s most popular video streaming service owned by Google. Nowadays, is undergoing major overhaul in features and User Interface, especially in its Android app. Which is a result of Google’s efforts in keeping YouTube stand out from other services such as Amazon Prime video and so on. With the Real-Time Live View counter being the latest feature to debut in the YouTube.

The Real-Time View counter – as the name suggests, it gives the exact number of viewers simultaneously watching the same video that you are currently viewing. Seems interesting, isn’t it?

Total Views Kicked out for Live-View Counter.

In the app the text is placed in between like/dislike thumbs and the video title. Which used to be the space for ‘views’ the video grabbed. So, with the advent of Real-time view counter, it is the total number of views going to lose its place.

The server-side loading of the counter being experimental in nature. Unfortunately, it is not available for everyone and only seen in certain YouTube Android app users. Also, nothing is clear about the iOS counterpart of the YouTube. Basically, it means that Google may be final testing the feature before its mass roll-out. As most of us, I am also unlucky to be picked as a tester by Google. Then what about you, were lucky enough to early-access it? Do let us know in the comment section below.


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