Best 5 Android Apps of May 2013


Thousands and thousands of apps are coming every month in the Play Store. We make a list of 5 Best android apps  for you to have a look at it because they are really popular and useful apps. Now again we came with best apps of he month of may 2013.


Hangouts for Android

Hangouts is the main app of this list as it is launched by Google in last month on Google I/O 2013. Which replaces Google talk . This app provides you with the facility to chat with your gmail and Google Plus friendsone on one or with group. Although it has some problems or we can say absence of some features like status messages but still it is the most popular app about which people talked a lot. You can Download from Play Store

Where’s my water

Where's my water

It is based upon challenging physics which is used by the user to help Swampy by guiding water to his broken shower. In this game there are many hurdles like dirty water, toxic water, steam challenging scenarios which have to be successfully passed to succseed in the game. There are seven chapters in the game each chapter comprised of 20 levels. But progression in the game isn’t simply a case of completing those levels. You need get those ducks along the way otherwise the next chapter won’t be unlocked. Download  from Play Store 

Beautiful Widgets Pro

Beautiful Widgets Pro

Beautiful Widgets for android Home screen is very beautiful app which have the tons of widgets in it for your Home Screen of android phone. This app can show latest updates about weather, battery charge level, clock, calendar, and many more. It also has various themes. This app is reaching 1 million of downloads which is fastest and first paid app to reach at this point. Try this app go download from Play Store 

Fast & Furious 6

Fast & Furious 6

It is the free game mad eon the latest summer blockbuster movie Fast & Furious 6. This Game takes the mobile racing to greater heights. Drag race in this game is very good player can race their way through a city to become the top racer. Their are various tournaments available. Graphics of this game is stunning. If your are a racing game lover you should have this game in your android phone or tablet. Go Download from Play Store

 Next Browser

Next Browser

Next browser is very similar to the Google Chrome framework. But yeah Go Dev Team added some of their own things to it. This browser is very good option for those people who want to stay away from bulky Chrome, but still want great performance. It has all the basic necessities in it.  We will say from experience that Next Browser works better with phones that doesn’t have high end hardware.If you wanna try Go download from Play Store


Sukhraj Singh
Sukhraj Singh
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