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Apple’s iOS 7 is the most important version of apple’s mobile operating system and it is dramatically different from its previous versions. In this Apple make changes drastically because the competition is improving Android 4.2 which rolls out many features which are becoming popular. To counter these features Apple made this version of iOS with some special features which are not present in the previous versions of Apple’s mobile operating system. Now lets Review the main features of iOS 7.

Control Center and Notifications

control center and notification center
Control center is very important feature of iOS 7 . It gives the users the most used settings available from any window like switch to Airplane mode, turn Wi-Fi on or off, or adjust the brightness of your display which makes it easy for the users. The notification center which is the pull down menu from top with three tabs which tells you about the new mail, missed calls, to-dos that need doing, and more.


Airdrop ios 7

Airdrop is the nice little feature of the iOS 7 which helps you to share the videos, documents, photos, etc via WiFi and Bluetooth of your phone. It is accessible from the control center. If you want to share a file you have to  hit the share button and automatically you see others around you who are also  using iOS 7.You just tap a friend’s picture to send any file than through the use  of Wi-fi and Bluetooth you can send photo or any file  (and the recipient can accept or decline). This is very beautiful feature iOS 7 but its only available to the users of  iPhone 5, fifth-generation iPod Touch, iPad 4 and iPad Mini only.


multitasking ios7

It’s time to provide multitasking feature to the users of iOS. As its Rivals gives multitasking to its users and that service is becoming popular that’s why Apple gives this feature in this version of iOS. In this the interface has also been improved by the graphical way to switch between apps with a thumbnail preview of all running apps. After double tap on the home screen you will get the mini screenshots of the running apps. You can take a look at various tasks at a time.


safari ios7

In iOS 7 the safari gets the lots of improvements in it by adding new features like unified smart search field, now the browser runs in full screen mode with which user gets the space to read more content on the screen.  The biggest change is the tab browser with which you can flick through your open tabs in a graphical carousel. Now you can start the private browsing session from the tools avalable at the bottom rather than having to go through the app Settings.

Siri in iOS 7

siri ios 7

In iOS 7 Siri gets look , new sound and new capabilities.  The addition of capabilities are like while you are speaking the new audio animation is appears at the bottom of the screen which shows that siri is listening you and processing your commands. Although it still takes sometime to process each query Apple announces that it will be adding “high-quality” for non-English languages over time, including French and German.


If you want to try iOS 7 right now than there is a bad news for you because iOS 7 is currently available for the registered app developer. The public release comes to your iPhone and iPad in some time as their is no precise date for the Public release Yet.

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