Guide: What Is “Actions On Google”?

The search giant Google has got its wide hand in almost every field of technology. Although, consisting of highly skilled professionals working underneath it. Google has always incorporated common mob to be a part of its development. Often, introducing initiatives and other programmes open for the people. Ensuring active participation of developer or folks all around the planet (Google clearly knows the benefits of this strategy). The “Actions On Google” programme one among them introduced recently.

Actions On Google…? Got any idea? No. For the one who is hearing for the first time will be having a hard time to deduce anything.

What Actually Is The Actions On Google?

In simple words Actions on Google lets developers build apps for the Google Assistant. For the normal Android users the programme might sound insignificant, actually it is not.

The open-developer programme “Actions On Google”, introduced in December last year, aims to enhance the utility and productivity of the Google Assistant. By now, we are known to the fact that Google’s Assistant is more capable but limited. The lack of Integration of the Google Assistant to apps being major drawback. By opening Assistant to developers via Actions Of Google initiative, Google intend to expand its voice interaction portfolio to third party apps.

In this platform, Google allows only 30min of time limit for the developer to develop their Google Assistant powered app. Of course, Google rewards the best developer.

Actions: Direct And Conversational

Basically, output given by Google Assistant based on the nature of voice command given is categorised into:
  • Direct Actions: These actions occur when the given command is simple and only requires a single response from the Assistant. For example, command such as to open the Gallery app or to switch on the flashlight.
  • Conversational Actions: Any actions that requires continous interrogation with the user to accomplish the task. It is much complex compared to direct actions. Because the Assistant should prepare for the subsequent questions which will be the continuation of the previous responce, and must act wisely. For example, asking for a car to pick you up, then responding to questions about where it should stop, how large the vehicle should be, and more.

Importantly, the developers have to develop apps exploiting the above two actions. With a condition that the actions must be attainable without using any secondary apps.

Before moving to conclusion. Have a look at the beautiful description by Google on its initiative ‘Actions On Google’. Which I think, is self-sufficient to have a basic idea of the programme. Here it goes:

Engage users through the Google Assistant

Actions on Google lets you build apps for the Google Assistant. Your apps can help you engage users through Google Home, eligible Android phones, iPhones, and in the future, through every experience where the Google Assistant is available.

                                     – Google


We used to say, “As Time Advances, Technology Advances”. Now, if we analyse the current scenario, the way technology is developing. The above quote seems to be too outdated. Instead, “As the Time advances, the Technology twice Advances” will be more apt, prior to 21st century.  I am saying so because, we the human attained knowledge to impart intelligence in non-breathing, non-living solid things. It is not less than a miracle, as the intelligence was once thought as exclusive, extra-ordinary capability only of the humans.

Although, Artificial Intelligence is nowhere compared to our Intelligence ( future status is unknown ). With Google, Amazon, Apple and other firms diligent in developing intelligent and smart products with their own voice and thinking, Machine Invasion is also a matter of fear, warns some ethical enthusiasts. As far as my opinion is considered. I would say “just go with the flow”.


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