Google Registers Patent For Back Panel Touch Controls

google back touch panel

Google has been  finding new ways to simplify mobile usage from past some years, since Android activeness in the market. This time Google has applied for patent which allows to give command via back touch panel controls on Smartphones. In exact words, the touch panel technology that provides touch controls on the back panel of the device along with on the front display. Some kind of similar patent was also registered by Apple in 2006 to use it in their tablets. Currently you can also find it on the back of a PlayStation Vita.

We explaining further by giving example – Like if you want to scroll pages of an ebook, want to flip your photos or want to go on next page without touching your screen – Google’s newly filed “backside device touch control” patent’s functioning will help you attaining above mentioning functioning.

Regarding this patent Patent Bolt also quotes that the back-panel controls would obviously perform simple tasks since it would be difficult to type words if you can see a keypad. Further they added that it could allows us to “turn a page of an ebook, article on the web or flip to ‘next’ or ‘previous’ views of photos,” among other things. The technology

Google says that this will allows mobile devices to give visual, audible, and/or tactile feedback, indicating that a tap on the device’s rear has been recognized.  Google has also said that patent could not only support mobile devices this could apply to other future devices such as a tablet, ebook, Chromebook or other devices also.

Now question arises will this patent will get approved? We think its difficult as stated above Apple already owns similar type of patents but who knows it may appears unique to UPSTO officials.

Additionally, Google has been acquiring lot of patents these days to secure its Android platform legally. Earlier Google has acquired Motorola Mobility to acquire about 17,000 patents. They have also filed various other patents like mlti led’s for phones and many more.

So guys did you liked the back panel touch controls patent features ad want to use this type of functioning in real life? What you think about Google’s new patent?

Source: Patent Bolt

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