Basic Misconceptions About Chromebook

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[dropcap]C[/dropcap]hromebook is the Laptop PC from Google with the Google Chrome OS in it. Google has made this Operating system in completely different way from the traditional ones like Microsoft Windows and Apple’s Mac OS X. Basically Chromebook device runs on Chrome OS and it is designed to be used while connected to the internet and it supports the applications which reside on the internet. It works on the methodology of cloud computing. This makes your daily working fast in comparison to other laptops and PCs. The Chromebook has many features which can makes your day to day work very easy without spending much money. But people have many misconceptions regarding the Chromebook. Lets discuss them briefly


  • No Optical Drive: This is the Deal breaker as it runs on the cloud. So Google using this method thoroughly that’s their is no way to install the software’s from the the CD and DVDs people thinks that this is the main disadvantage of the chromebook. But when we installsCloud Computing the software’s to our systems sometimes these software’s are infected with the viruses which may infect you your important data. One more thing is that while installing the software’s on our systems we need space on our harddisk and we have to spend the more money to the software venders, But in case of chromebook the software’s are available online with less license fee and you don’t need to worry about the space as it is based on the cloud computing. We have also written article What is Cloud Computing? read this for more details. [divider]
  • Time Consuming: As it has no optical drive to store anything so people thinks that it might take very long time to boot. But this is not true Chromebook is ready With a 10 second boot and running in quick order, ready to work or play. While updating the traditional operating system we need hours but in Chromebook all the updates are done to the over the air and you rarely even aware of the updates.[divider]
  • Offline usability: One of the first things you will hear about the Chrome OS or Chromebook in general that it is nothing without the gmail offlineinternet connection. But it is not true, the Chrome OS has many offline apps in it through which you do your work while you are offline from the internet. The offline apps on Chrome OS are Gmail, Google Drive, etc.


We here at The Gadget Square thinks that this is the very good product with different methodology through which you can save your money as well as time. We think it is a very good product to have in our gadgets. Now Google takes this project in high priority and had joins hands with the Samsung , Hp, Acer,etc. to make the notebook with Chrome OS. Latest version of Chromebook is Google Chromebook Pixel.


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