What is Cloud Computing?


Cloud Computing is a general term used to describe a new class of network based computing that takes place over the Internet, basically the Cloud computing is the online storage for the users. When we think of computer resources in the cloud, we usually think of public clouds, such as the ones offered by Google Drive, Dropbox  , SkyDrive, Box, etc. But the cloud computing is not just these public clouds it has also private cloud computing and  the Hybrid cloud computing .

Types of cloud computing

Public Clouds:

This type of cloud computing is the traditional model that everyone thinks of when they envision cloud computing. In this model, vendors dynamically allocate resources  on a per-user basis through web applications. Drop Box ,SkyDrive and Google drive are most popular venders.

Private Clouds:

With infrastructure or applications shared by millions of clients worldwide, through the Internet. Cloud computing has proven to be a good alternative for companies, because it reduces costs and generates flexibility. But security and availability issues still need to be resolved. That is why more and more companies are choosing Private Clouds. it provides more secure platform to the employees and costumers of an organization. For example Banks, In banks all the employees  and costumers can access the bank data which is assigned to them particularly.

Hybrid Cloud:

Hybrid cloud is the combination of the of the Public cloud and private cloud. In this type of cloud services the  internal resources,  stays under the control of the customer, and external resources delivered by a cloud service provider. A hybrid cloud lets an organization keep its sensitive data secured on the organization’s own network.  And like the public cloud, a hybrid model lets an organization take advantage of a cloud’s almost unlimited scalability. It’s a way to solve some of the trust issues of the public cloud while getting the public cloud’s benefits.

Basic Structure of the Cloud computing

services of the cloud computing

  • SAAS( Software as a service) – It provides the end software and applications to the users to store their data on the cloud.
  • PAAS (Platform as a service) – In this part the service provider provides the platform to you on which you can  you can download the files of the required software or service by paying the fees to the service provider.
  • IAAS (infrastructure as a service) – This part is basically belong to the admin part or we can say the service provider. In this part  the service provider provides the user with the basic infrastructure. Like platform and the end applications which become the interface between users and the cloud.


cloud_computing_pros_cons_bigThe cloud computing is very good method of computing it saves lots of money which we spends to buy the extra hardisks and softwares. It also make the backup of your data. The main advantage of the cloud computing is that it saves lot of time which we are spending to install the new softwares on our system. These makes this system great to use. But, as this system has many advantages at the same time there are some disadvantages also that are the security of the data in the public clouds and we don’t know any thing about the system when the system fails to reinstatement we have to report the service provider than the service provider will take the required action. We think that the advantages of this computing methods are more than its problems and even the researchers and developers are working  the problems of this computing method. 

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