What is Cache Data – features and how to clear it ?

Cache Data is the information which we receive from a website or any app which gets stored in the computer, smartphone, and tablet of the user. The data stored in the device’s machine and always remain available whenever next time the user is going to use it. Cached data takes up space on the device, although it is useful for the regularly visiting websites, however, it can waste storage for the websites user only visited once. Hence, clearing it, again and again, is required on Windows PC and Android devices.

Cache memory was mainly developed to match the CPU speed for faster processing. To improve on the response times, Cached memory was introduced to work in sync with the processor and store temporary data.

Types of Cache:

  1. Hardware cache – CPU, GPU, DSPs
  2. Software cache – Web cache, Disk Cache, DNS Cache

How the cached data is useful?

Cached data improves the website speed and saves bandwidth if you continuously visit the page. It’s just like the same when for the very first time we visit some new place and keeps a record in our mind for the future visiting plans at the same place. Therefore, cached data makes it easy and faster to access the once visited site. It is helpful for regularly visiting websites.

Although, clearing of the cached data after some time is also necessary.

Reasons to clear cached data

  • It loads fresh content by discarding the expired content.
  • Clearing cache is recommended to improve device performance.
  • To avoid any confusion which interrupts the user’s work.

How to Clear Cache Data

Clear cache data on the phone

To regain some used space and fix the misbehaving files in the phone, the cache data needs to be cleared. Here are steps to clear the cached data:

  • Go to Phone
  • Open the settings page and then click the storage menu. (For any Android Oreo or earlier, open the App manager setting page)
  • Go to other apps and check the list of installed apps.
  • Select the application for which you want to clear the cache.
  • Tap on the clear cache/data button.

Clear cache data on Windows

To let the browser download new data you have to delete cached data by following these steps on popular browsers for Windows:

Google Chrome

Tap the three-dot menu and select history then select clear browsing data and cached images and files.  You can also select SHIFT+CTRL+DELETE shortcut to easily remove the cached data.

Internet Browser

Tap on the upper right corner to clear all history and cached data and files and then clear.

Temporary Files Cache

  • Open the start menu option and type “Disk Cleanup”.
  • Select to the drive where Windows are installed (mostly in C drive).
  • Tap disk clean up option to remove temporary files.


File Explorer History Cache

  • On the taskbar, click the File Explorer icon.
  • Click on the View option at the top.
  • Click Clear and then OK

Cache Data is an important part of every computing machine. It is used in the database, CPU, GPU and various other fields.



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