The Future Tech Trends to watch in 2014

tech trends to watch in2014Presently we have lot of research in the field of technologies into the electronic gadgets which are used in day to day life. which could change life in big ways. Here are several developments that will make headlines very soon.

Smartwatches will attract the masses


As watches are very useful for people who have very busy schedule for their day to day life. As one of my friend was talking to me and said he bought a watch recently because he was tired of putting his phone out his pocket again and again for watching time. So keeping this thing in mind that watch is very important part or we can say gadget in our life, Developers have developed Smartwatches which have many other informations on the screen along with time. We’ve already seen Sony and Samsung release a smartwatch that largely failed to capture the public imagination . Now it’s time for the other heavy hitters—Apple and Google—to swoop in and take the concept mainstream.

Your new password: Your body


Now days internet is becoming more popular. That’s the reason to store the large amount of database to store the username passwords of the users which is becoming bit messy. This thing many times make the small hacking attempts successful because all the usernames and passwords are saved into one database only. Now to tackle with this now your body parts are being used as passwords.

TV wherever, whenever


Today every person is very busy in their day to day works and they don’t have the time to sit and watch it. So it is a need of the time that people now wants TV wherever and whenever than to see like on tablets, smartphones, etc.  The cable services like Comcast’s X2 fulfilling the need in future more services like this will come.

Google pushes broadband To Next Level

Google introduces the fiber broadband in Kansas City. Time Warner Cable promptly announced that it would increase its fastest ervice to 100 MBPS. They also have plans for GBPS speed of fiber Broadband in the future.


Google’s fiber march is likely to reach new cities throughout 2014, and the slow and complacent ISPs in those markets will be forced to respond with higher home and business broadband speeds. By the end of the year.




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