Smartphones Buying Guide for 2013

Smartphone Buying Guide India 2013

Now a days people are running short of time and want to do their work on the go. To tackle this problem, once we  used Laptops instead of desktop computers. But now smartphones are doing this job for us and they can perform all functions of the laptops or desktops for normal user.

Earlier we had Cell phones which can be used for calling purposes only. But Smartphones are not like the cellphones which can be used for the calling purposes only they can executes almost every task which is done on the desktop computers. We can even call smartphones as the palm computers. Everyone in the world want to own smartphone as they want to be in touch with their friends, families and there are many reasons. As the smartphones are becoming much popular among the people, similarly, mobile manufacturing companies are also gaining huge profits. To meet with the expectations of the people companies are focusing on the advancement in the technology.

As we all know there are many options for smartphones selection while buying but how to choose best smartphone for you? Which one is better for you? To answer these questions we are here for you. Below we have discussed some facts about the important things which you should keep in your mind while buying a Smartphone. Are you ready for Smartphone Buying Guide for 2013 ? Let’s start:


There are many manufacturers present in the market offering smartphones. There’s very hard competition between these different manufacturers in the smartphones market. The major players in this field are Apple, Nokia, Samsung, HTC, Sony and LG.

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There are different phones for different functions like if you want to choose phone having high securitythan you need to head over to Blackberry. Now if you are interested in better UI with variety in Operating systems you should choose HTC or Samsung. If you need best services than go for Apple.

Operating System

Today the most important aspect of a Smartphone is its operating system. In operating systems there is also a very tough competition. The main competitors are Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone. In this field more players are also coming like Ubuntu which will launch its first Ubuntu based smartphone in 2014 or in October this year. While Firefox OS is also coming pretty soon. So its not only tough for companies or brands to survive but its also tough for customers or buyers to choose Operating System. So let’s see how much we can help ypu.

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First we will discuss about the Windows Phone. It is the new operating system from the Microsoft which is quite promising but as it is new so there are many bugs and issues. Microsoft is working hard on it to make it bug free. Now It also obvious that if you want apps and performance from the operating system you should not go for Windows Phoneas of now.

Now let’s see what’s better in Apple’s iOS . It is great product aka OS from Apple Inc.and its believed that iOS is much more secure than Android and Windows Operating system. Apple iOS App Store have apps more than 700,000. The only negative point for this operating system is that if you want to use it than you need to buy the Apple product aka iPhone, iPad or iPod which are priced quite highly.

Now Android at present it is the leading operating system in smartphones. It is the product by Google  and an open source. It can be used by any manufacturer means any company can use Android Operating System. It has almost every app for every task in its Play Store. Additionally, it have more than 800,000 apps in its Play Store. Its the best choice to opt if you have any type of budget as it provide every function or feature which every other OS provides. Its device range starts from $30 – $1000.

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These days smartphones get good sales if they have better hardware at cheap rates. Most of the users buy smartphones by looking at its hardware. While buying a smartphone you should check its hardware mainly the Processor, RAM, Battery, Display Size (ppi and resolution), Connectivity options and most important its price.


We know choosing is very difficult thing as there are lots of options available. If you want the get highly secured machine without the worry of Price than you should go for the smartphones offered by blackberry and Apple iPhone. If you want to choose the smartphone on the apps we suggests you to go for Android as it is also quite secure and is available in almost every price range. When the turn came to say a word on Windows Phone we must suggest that just wait for another 6 months because this operating system is supposed to improve in near future.


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