Printer Buying Guide Inkjet Vs Laser Printers

Inkjet vs laser printer

For consumers when buying a printer the basic choice is an Inkjet printer or a laser printer because they are available at affordable prices in the market. Although their are various types of printers. Both these types of printers have their own advantages and disadvantages. Now days their is tough competition between these two types of printers. We have compare both these printers on some features Lets watch which one is best to have.

Initial Cost Of a Printer

If you wants to buy a multifunction which have the feature of copy, scan and print in it. Than in these types of printers various Models are available at the same price Like HP LaserJet Pro – M1136  and Epson L Series – L210. The cheapest laser printer is available at $100 where as the cheapest inkjet printer is available at $70.

Running Cost

The running cost of a printer is defined by some factors like size of paper, quantity of ink used while printing,etc. It is generally measured in cents per page. You find the running cost of a printer by dividing the no. of printed pages by the cost of cartridge.


The running cost of an inkjet printer is higher than the laser printer according to the price of cartridge. As you put more money to buy a laser printer the running cost even decreases down.

Quality Printing

When we come to quality of the printing we have to say that this field inkjet printers are ahead of the Laser printers. As the inkjet printers are producing more accurate prints than the laser printers. print qualityAlthough the Laser printers are working very fast as they prints 11-12 pages per minute whereas inkjet printers can only print 40-300 words per second.


Today both the types of printers are easily affordable but while you go to buy a printer you have to keep one thing in mind that (Which we recommend you also) if you are buying a printer for bulk printing you should choose Laser Printer and if you are buying the printer for the home use or some research purposes at home then choose inkjet printer as they are more accurate than laser printers.


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