Improved Image Search in Google Makes Searching For Recipes Better

Recently, Google has made changes to the type of results users see when conducting an image search. With the latest update, now if there is a related video linked with the image you are searching for, those results will show up as well. On the recipe website, this will help in getting more visitors to the page. This improvement will make content easier for Google image search users to find and more informative when conducting a quick search.


Some people have already started looking at the Google experiments with embedding this type of content directly into their Image Search feature, from the January of this year. Currently, there are two different types of external content that are embedded into Google Image Search results on a mobile device can be seen, which are making searching for recipes easier.

If you want to get the most out of this new Google search feature and you want to get more hits on your recipe, then remember to use Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to create the content. You should also add structured data to the text so that rich cards and other instantly-loading host-specific lists will be included in the content. If you want your recipes to appear in host-specific lists, then you should also include an ItemList markup that will summarize all the recipes for your list.

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