How to Clean Mobile Phone Camera Lens

how to clean cellphones camera lens

Now a days the mobile phones are having high resolution cameras, Actually its a need of an hour. These days Mobile phones are not just phones they are Smartphones which contains can perform a lot and lots of functions. It have every feature which we use in our daily day to day life, like camera for taking pictures of special memories, making official documents, and may other works, etc. Out of these qualities of phones the camera is very prominent feature. To take good images you should take care of your phone’s camera.

Some times the lens of the camera becomes dirty and it generates dull and blurred image. Images clicked by that camera appears not be of good quality. So to get back your Smartphone camera’s charm follow our how to clean mobile phone camera lens steps (tips also included):

  1. The lens on most phones is on the outside of the body. This means that it doesn’t have any protection from the elements. Quite often a fingerprint or foreign body can affect the lens of camera. Basic thing is that take a microfiber cloth and Fold like a triangle so you have a sharp corner and work it in there and clean the lens .
  2. Use a small blower brush to remove dust and debris from the lens. Do not blow on the lens with your mouth. It increases risk of accidentally spraying the lens with saliva, as there are acids in our breath that can actually damage the lens coating.
  3. If their is Dirt inside remove the back cover of your phone and use  small amount of alcohol-based liquid lens cleaner and a Q-Tip cotton swab to clean lens from inside the back cover. Its a bit risky. Until its done don’t let liquids get inside your lens. 

So how many from here going to clean mobile camera lens? Have you ever tried to clean your phone’s camera lens? Share your experience after cleaning your phone’s camera lens via your comments.


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