Google Doc now features ‘Smart Text Selection’ in Android O

As some of you may not know. ‘Smart Text Selection‘ is a new AI powered feature in the upcoming Android O. It was revealed at Google I/O along with the other features debuting with Android 8.0. Now, the feature is seen hitting Google Docs app as an update.

The changelog of the update clearly depicts, that the Smart Selection is exclusive to Android O and will not work on devices running previous versions of Android.

Currently, Google Doc is one and only app which supports it. However, Google will soon bring the feature to other Google products such as Google Map, Allo etc.

By now, you may have thought, What is there in the Smart Text Selection to talk much about it? So, let us have a short description of it.

Smart Text Selection

Reduce the trouble we had come across while selecting text in our phones. The main motto behind the development of this smart ‘Smart Text Selection’ feature is described in the main highlights of this feature are:

  • Machine Learning: Double tap the target sentence to be selected. Remaining things will be done by the Artificial Intelligence in selecting desired texts.
  • Contextual Options: Once the desired texts are selected, certain contextual options pop-ups based on the nature of texts selected. Allowing user to do certain action using the selected texts. Eg: Selecting numbers will display ‘call’ option as the ‘contextual option’.
  • Smart Text Selection is reported to work butter smooth in the 3rd developer preview of Android O. And will make its way into the Stable release of Android O.

Although, the feature seems to be smart and comfy. Until, we grab hold of an Android O devices. The exact potential of Smart Text Selection and its utility in our daily smartphone usage is still unknown.

Download the latest Google Doc: Play Store

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