Features of Apple iTunes 11

Long awaited iTunes 11 is launched by Apple with the much needed simplifications in the software. Apple completely redesigned for the listening , browsing and shopping pleasures. The new iTunes make it easier to browse and organize movies , music and TV shows . Now lets explore the new features of the Apple iTunes 11.

Mini Player

Mini player is the feature of the Apple iTunes 11 is available in earlier versions also but this feature that often went unused simply because it didn’t have much functionality before. Mini Player allowed users to minimized their iTunes window into small tray in which the controls like play, pause and forward/backward between songs are provided by apple in this versions. MiniPlayer has not only increased its functionality of iTunes but it also updated its look.

Up Next

Up next is new feature added to the iTunes 11 in which the list of music tracks are shown whitout making any type of playlist which will be played after the current music track. It looks great.

New Interface

itunes album view

Apple gives the all new look and interface to the itunes in in itunes 11. The new options to view music by Genres or by Artists display sidebars showing icons for genres or for artists, with icons from your album art. In Album view the new default view of itunes now displays every thing in album whether their is a single track or a full album everything is displayed in the albums. You can click a graphic to see what’s behind it. The expanded view shows the tracks in several columns, with the album artwork to the right. The background and text take on colors from the album art.

 iCloud Integration

iTunes 11 is containing most important feature of icloud integration. through which users are now able to browse and stream their content much more easily than before.  iCloud integration built-in is a much needed improvement for video content as well, as you don’t want to keep gigabytes of HD movies and TV shows on a small SSD.

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