What’s New in Android 4.3?

Android 4.3

Google has launched Android’s updated version for JellyBean i.e  Android 4.3 on 24th July 2013.  New Android 4.3 is packed with new features like Multi User Support with restricted profiles functionality. It also has Open GL 3.0 for enhancing graphics and Google also added Bluetooth smart feature. In detail, now lets see what’s new in android 4.3:

MultiUser On Tablets

Multiple users

In android 4.3 you have a facility to create Multi Users environment on your tablet. That means Multiple people can set up their own accounts on the same device and log into their own profiles. Every user of that tablet can have their own home screen, backgrounds and even individual game data like high score and levels. But this feature is only available on the tablets.

Restricted Profiles

In this new Android 4.3 you can control the other profiles if you are an admin on that system. You can make sure that which apps your child can have access on this system. Restricted profiles are ideal for friends and family, guest users, kiosks, point-of-sale devices, and more.

Bluetooth Smart Technology

Bluetooth smart ready in android 4.3

Bluetooth Smart Ready technology is a low power technology which used in fitness sensors, heart rate or glucose monitors, pedometers, thermometers, and much more. Now many Android devices like New Nexus 7 and Nexus 4 now support low-energy Bluetooth Smart accessories which are based on Bluetooth Smart Ready.

OpenGL ES 3.0


In Android 4.3  Google introduces OpenGL ES 3.0 which produces the high quality texture in games through both framework and native APIs. OpenGL ES 3.0 also adds to the graphics of an smartphone or tablet by extensive set of required, explicitly sized texture and render-buffer formats, reducing implementation variability and making it much easier to write portable applications.

Security Enhancement

Android security

In Android 4.3 Google enhances in security of present Android apps.The biggest improvements in this version is its handling of sandboxing and forcing all apps to work within a sandbox. Whenever you download an app, Android can automatically scan it for viruses


At last after reviewing all the features of the Android 4.3 we say it is great to have a tablet running Android 4.3 because its most important feature of Multiple user is available for tablets only. In Play there also improvement in the apps for the tablet. But still for Smartphone Android 4.3 is not bad it is Good one to have. Moreover these features may come to smartphones in future.

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