What is NFC?


NFC is near field communication technology which is used to create radio connection between two similar devices by bringing them into close proximity or by touching them together. Communication also possible between an NFC device and a device which do not have NFC chip, called a “tag”. NFC operates within the radio frequency ISM band of 13.66MHz. It supports data transmission rate of 848, 424, 212, 106 kbits/sec and provides simple and safe communications between the electronic devices.

NFC used the RFID system to transfer data between two devices . This technology is used in the devices such as Samsung Galaxy Nexus which runs on Android 4.0 , it is also present in the Samsung Galaxy S 3 with  feature named as S-Beam. Now lets see the uses of this technology in detail.

Payments Become Easy

google wallet

With NFC your Smartphone become ATM machine and credit. Which on the tap a device to another device starts the data transmission. Through this service we can pay our bills, payments of any type very easily with help of some online payment system like Google Wallet and PayPal.

NFC Chips Are Good for Your Health


NFC Chips are less harmful for health because NFC technology operates on radio waves which are very weak in compare to mobile telephony for the short distance communication.  Now NFC tags and the smart devices that can read them may help make health care data more accurate and more efficient and safer for patients and their caregivers.

Social Networks

NFC social networks

NFC can be used in social networking such as sharing contacts, photos, videos and files and entering multiplayer mobile games as well. In this WiFi is used to transfer files between two devices.

Digital Locksmith

You already have read that your NFC powered smartphones replaces your credit cards now this technology can also help you do away with your keys and security cards. You have to just wave you smartphone and car engine will start. Although there may be some security concerns over this type of use of this technology.


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