What is GPS and its Various Types

gps types

GPS is the tracking unit which uses the global positioning system to track the locations of a person, a device, locates the vehicle, etc and records the position at regular intervals. The positioning of a person or a device through Internet and satellite unit embedded in the device. The system provides useful capabilities to military, civil and commercial users around the world. GPS plays an important role in the earth sciences. Meteorologists use it for weather forecasting and global climate studies; and geologists can use it as a highly accurate method of surveying and in earthquake studies to measure tectonic motions during and in between earthquakes. AS GPS is very popular now days with its presence in our gadgets it has various types.

Hardwired GPS system:

Hardwired GPS systems are usually used in the vehicle. It is basically used for the navigation to go at your destination.  These GPS tracking systems sometimes come with antennas that must be attached to the vehicle through which  the connection between satellite and your vehicle.

Personal GPS Trackers:

Personal GPS trackers are GPS tracking systems which look like small beepers or cell phones. The personal GPS trackers are usually used to locate the childrens, people , our pets. We can locate our child at any time and pets also .We can even locate our loved ones when they are stolen by somebody in no time. These types of the trackers are useful in our daily life.

Real-Time GPS Trackers:

The Real Time GPS Trackers are trackers which continuously gives the information abouth the location of the device or person. It is widely used for vehicle tracking by Transportation, Service and Utility companies as well as Police and Fire departments around the world.

As the technology upgrades now almost every gadget has the GPS capabilities these days. So today’s most popular technology of GPS is A-GPS it refers to  Assisted Global Positioning System. It addresses signal and network problems by using assistance from other services. Such technology in your cell phone can help you in various ways like tracking your current location, receiving turn-by-turn direction instructions, location based tracking, etc

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