Spanish support for Smart Reply available in Android or iOS

It was in May, that Google added “Smart Reply” feature to its popular messaging apps such as GMail and Allo. As you know, the feature suggests quick response to our messages, saves our time while responding to the messages, claims Google. So far, only English was supported in Smart Reply. Now, Google has added support for Spanish, means, now we can reply via Smart Reply in Spanish.

The “Smart Reply” option is considered as useless and nuisance by most of the users. Well, it utilizes machine learning ability to scan the previous inbox contents of users and formulate three possible reply for the messages.

Google declared the support of Spanish in Smart Reply through Twitter and in its Google+ page. Majority of the three quick responses generated by Smart Reply was considered as inappropriate and improper to be given as a reply, users complaints. As a justification for the viability and utility of the Smart Reply, Google claims that: The feature already drives 12 percent of replies in Inbox on mobile.

Let us hope that, in coming days Google adds support for many other languages, also improve its Machine learning ability so that output is proper and applicable quick response.


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