Samsung might have crossed the Apple in terms of profit

Samsung and Apple both are very well known competitors in the market of semiconductor chips and smartphones. Well, most of the time, Apple had the upper hand over the Samsung in terms of profit. However, now it looks like, for the first time ever Samsung may go beyond Apple.


Recently, Samsung has published a report of their profit in between the months of April to June. According to that report, we came to know that, Samsung has made a profit of average 4 billion U.S per month. On the other hand, in between the given time period, the total profit Apple has made is around 10.7 billion U.S dollars.

Therefore, if the total profit of Samsung is taken into account for the given three months then it would be around 12 billion US Dollars. Hence, it can be clearly understood that Samsung has crossed the Apple by a significant margin.

Samsung has made most of these profits by selling smartphones and in the case of Apple, they have made the profits by selling the iPhone. According to the expert, this period is going to be short lived as Apple is going to be at the top again with the expected launch of the iPhone8.


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