How to save Maps on New Google Maps for Android

Google maps 7.0

Google has launched the new app Google Maps 7.0 for Android smartphones and tablets.  It’s a total new mapping experience that makes you to explore the world maps and getting to the places that matter to you a lot faster and easier. The app is now rolling out globally in Google Play and very soon it will be available on iPhone and iPad in the App Store.

In this new update google has gives many features which enhance your experience of mapping on your smartphones and tablets. Google gives you features like now you don’t have to type to browse and discover new places because simply tap the search box and you’ll see cards showing great places which you can discover. They have also improved the navigation in this new update.

Google also introduces the new feature of Reviews, Zagat and Offers retire the feature of check-ins Google said that it will stop functioning in older versions also by August 9. In this new system of review it gives you a quick read on how your friends and others rate places like restaurants, bars and cafes.

google maps 7

Now the most important thing about this update is offline map feature is no longer available. But we’ve created a new way for you to access maps offline by simply entering “OK Maps” into the search box when viewing the area you want for later. Do tell us about your experience with app by your comments.


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