How to Buy a Good Camera (Buying Guide for Cameras)

Camera buying guide

Before We start on How to Buy good camera i must say one truth i.e. you can take great photos with bad cameras and bad photos with great cameras even if we buy a great camera. Its all upon on you how to use the camera perfectly. Now, To buy a good camera you should know some major things about cameras like aperture, sensors,etc.  We have written almost all  the things which are necessary for you to know.

1. Forget Megapixels:

Almost all the salesmans try to speak about megapixels of the that “this camera is having more megapixels, it will provides you better photos”. But in reality megapixels are not very important, Size of the sensors is the most important thing to check. More megapixels cost more memory to store a photo i your storage device.

2. Aperture Range:

Some time people confuse in the Aperture Range and Aperture itself. When you goes to a shop to buy a camera under the Range of $250(15000INR) salesman will show you a camera with aperture of f/2.8(approx) and this can be enough for you to put the cash on the checkout counter. But that camera with f/2.8 aperture will quickly change to a black-hole like f/4.8 or worse.  This thing is happened when the range is not defined. To buy a good camera you should check its aperture range and smaller the aperture number better the camera is. Aperture Range is defined something like f/1.8-f/2.8.

3. Entry level camera is not necessary for Beginners:


Often people say while purchasing the camera ” They’re just starting off. Its a worst excuse ever to justify the bad purchase. We also thinks that entry level DSLR is a good option but you’ll get over it sooner than you might think. Wait a few months and go semi pro but at that time you won’t regret it.

 4. Do not go for all in one lens:


Many times when we buy a DSLR we don’t want to deal with the hassle of changing the lens often. Then to avoid this thing we usually buy the so called All in One lens. But in reality their is not any all in one lens. Please stay away from these kind of lens.

5. AA Batteries:


Lithium-ion batteries are great because they’re tiny but suppose if you’re out of charge at wrong time. A tiny Li-ion battery might ensure that your camera is slim, but nothing beats the comfort of being able to purchase a fully charged AA battery from the shop.

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