How to Block Spam using Chrome

As internet is now becoming so vast that now some people are infecting the internet space by adding some spam links for their interest. which stops the people to have quality information. To stop these kind of links or we can say spam content Google had made some extension to block spam for Google Chrome users. Developers have make  several extensions and apps for Chrome which will be stated later in this article.

  1. First step to stop the spam is not give your personal information like email and social profiles, etc. as usual.
  2. Secondly their are extensions which blocks spam from internet. Their are many options which are stated below.



MaskMe creates duplicate email addresses, phone numbers, and credit cards, so now you can enjoy all the internet has to offer without giving away your personal data in exchange. Main problem for today is that for every information we want to have from any website we have sign up with giving our email address in exchange for communication in future. It makes inbox very messy to stop this try MaskMe from the Google Chrome Webstore here

Spam Blocker

spam blocker

Spam Blocker is the extension for Gmail it gives you one click filter service. As now days its a big danger because Gmail is extremely good at catching viruses and phishing attempts that’s why it is very compulsory to use filters. If you want to try the Spam Blocker go to Webstore here for Free  

WebFilter Pro


WebFilter Pro is cloud based web filtering application protecting your family browsing by monitoring millions web sites. It will filter all your web surfing through this extension you can manage your families web surfing. you can prevent childrens from not opening the restricted websites to try this go to Webstore


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