Difference Between Smartphones And Feature Phones

feature phones vs smartphones

Many a times Phones Users didn’t know the basic difference between Smartphone And Feature Phone but now you not need to worry. We are going to help you guys to know what’s the difference between Smartphones and Feature Phones.

Before heading ahead you need to know basically what are Smartphones and Feature Phones?

So Smartphones are those which have advanced computing capability than feature phones. While Feature phones are low-end device with lower-price.

Smartphones Features

Smartphone term came into origin in 1973 and first device cam into market in 1993 but term Smartphone was used first in 1997 by Ericsson.

Smartphone are telephony and advanced computing machines which run on Mobile Operating Systems. Mobile OS gives you the advanced application programming interfaces (APIs) for running third-party applications  which allows those applications to have better integration with the phone’s OS and hardware than is typical with feature phones.


In Today’s world there are fleet of Mobile Operating systems but only Some like iOS, Android, Blackberry Os, Samsung Bada, etc are popular. Particularly iOS and Android have near about 700,000 Apps in their App markets. So from this figure we can guess the vast variety of integration of Smartphones. These phones are not low priced but Google’s Android OS has made available low price Smartphones.

These phones also have large touch displays for easy navigation. Smartphones can multitask, now multiuser profiles are also supported by Android 4.2 os, etc.

Smartphones account 30-35% of total phones sold this year.

Feature Phones Features

These phones are low and low price phones which provides basic functionality like calling, internet access, camera, music player, etc but they don’t have highly integrated app, multitasking, etc. But now these days as technology advances feature phones are also getting features of smartphones but smartphones are also going beyond limits. So feature phones will always remain behind Smartphones.


Most feature phones are designed to excel with one or two functions like high quality photos or large memory for music storage. Feature Phones run on run on proprietary firmware, with third-party software support through platforms such as Java ME or BREW.

Currently most of the world Mobile users use Feature phones as according to survey 70 percent of mobile phones sold are feature phones worldwide by 2013.

So guys Now you can find out which phones are smartphones? and which are feature phones?

Disadvantages of Smartphones

As if there are advantages of Smartphones, its disadvantages also exist like these days most of the malware attacks are targeted on Smartphone users, its battery gets exhausted fastly, security issues, typing, etc

Disadvantages of feature Phones

These phones also have disadvantages like most of the features required these days are not present, Apps Integration, Low screen Size, etc.

If we go overall Smartphones are better in today’s world than feature phones. So from here who have Samrtphone or feature phone or both?


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