Android version distribution for July: Nougat hits double figures

Google does release the Android distribution status every month. In the status report, Google acknowledges the number of Android devices running on on the latest Android platform. If we look at the report of the previous month then we can see that, there are about 9 percent Android devices running on the Android Nougat. However, there is a bit of change in the this month’s report.

The latest report reveals that there are about 11 percent devices are running on the Android Nougat. Hence from the report, it is clear that there is about 2 percent increase in the number of Android Nougat users. Primarily, it may sound a bit insignificant but it is not. An increase in 2 percent distribution means there are about 20 percent more people using Android devices running on the Nougat.

Apart from the increased number of users, there are multiple phones who are launching on the Android Nougat platform as well.  Since the month of June, Galaxy S6, Zenfone3, and Xperia XZ premium got this latest OS.

As these phones hold a good chance to become popular, that means there is a good chance that the number of people using the Android Nougat will definitely increase by a significant amount in upcoming months.

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