Disney has announced its D 23 fan event, which is going to be held this week in Anaheim, California. With this, Disney also made an announcement that they would be developing an augmented reality headset in collaboration with Lenovo. Which will be used to play Star Wars related games. Disney has also teased a couple of games which include Holochess and another game called Jedi Challenges.

However, a number of different applications are also being teased by Disney. Which includes the Holochess game that put the animated, holographic monsters on top of a table or other surface. The first game which will be coming to the new AR headset will be Star Wars Jedi Challenges. The said game will utilize a motion controller made to look like the light saber which is used by Anakin Skywalker, Luke Skywalker, and now Rey in the main saga films.

This decision of AR headset by Disney and Lenovo is with an aim to focus on augmented reality suite. Which runs on a phone highlights the challenge facing makers of more-expensive immersive virtual reality devices. Disney, on the other hand did not reveal a release date for the headset or Jedi Challenges. However, the game’s website notes that it is “coming soon to Best Buy and Lenovo.com.”