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Best Smartphones Of 2012

best smartphones of 2012
Written by Simran Singh

best smartphones of 2012

Year 2012 is at its end and now is the time to evaluate all gadgets, smartphones launched in 2012. Today we are here with some best Smartphones which gained huge popularity in 2012. This year we also saw some new technologies debuted this year on leading smartphones this year.

This year, it was all about large screens and quad-cores. We all have witnessed Google Android maitains its majority, Samsung’s new high end flagship phones, Apple’s new iPhone 5 magic, Microsoft with its Windows 8 Platform, HTC’s new design and Motorola, Nokia for Battery efficiency.

So lets’ Start:


Samsung Galaxy S IIIsamsunggalaxysiii

The Galaxy Series  Samsung’s backbone of Smartphone market again helped Samsung to gain Billions. Samsung’s flagship Device Samsung Galaxy S III was launched this year with its powerful Quad Core Processor. Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S III quickly became one of the most popular Android phone models in the world, with tens of millions of units sold (above 30 million). Its the very best smartphone of 2012.

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Apple iPhone 5iphone5

Apple’s next iPhone, iPhone 5 was launched this year with iOS 6. Apple iPhone 5 stunned analysts all over the world with its awe-inspiring looks and performance. It looks like the previous two generations of iPhone but for the first time the screen was 4inch, not 3.5inch. The Retina Display was made taller, the body thinned, it received a new, faster processor, and it was made lighter. The iPhone 5 gives Apple fans what they’ve been waiting for, including a bigger screen, 4G LTE and easier Facebook sharing.

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HTC One X+one-X+

The HTC One X+ is one of the most recent HTC Android devices to launch with quad-core processing (1.7GHz CPU), and updated software (Jelly Bean and Sense 4+). Its the predecessor of HT COne X which was launched a year and half time ago. HTC poured some new specs in it and announced it in Q3 of year 2012.

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Samsung Galaxy Note IIsamsunggalaxynoteii

Samsung’s another high end device after Galaxy S III launched in this year. This phablet device defied all odds by once again becoming a huge success, just like its predecessor. With its gigantic screen measuring 5.5-inches users can do everything very easily. It has the same kind of capabilities as the Galaxy S III, with slightly faster performance an added bonus to the increased screen size, at the expense of one-handed usability.

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LG Nexus 4lgnexus4

First Nexus device after collaboration of Google with LG. It gained much popularity this year with its price tag and features. The cheapest quality phone of the year 2012 is Nexus 4. The Nexus 4 features a glass front and back with a pretty high-resolution 768×1280 pixel, 4.7-inch screen. It also have upgraded 8MP camera and is powered by a quad-core CPU. Nexus 4, is sold unlocked directly from Google for just $299.

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HTC 8Xhtc8x

HTC’s first Windows Phone 8 device and even best Windows Phone 8 device. With a 4.3-inch screen with a resolution higher than the iPhone 5’s Retina display, it really is a stunner and comes in a wide range of colors to suit any discerning customer. From its cutting-edge design to its superior performance, the 8X made us believes in the WP8 platform.


This list may includes some more devices but some are predecessors and some not gained much popularity. Some devices like HTC One X, One S, Motorola Razr Maxx, Sony Xperia P, Nokia Pureview 808, 910 and Huawei Ascend G300 would be in the list if its not restricted to Top 5 only. (This list don’t include Droid Variants which are only Available in US)

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