Problems with Windows 10 Insider Preview

Windows 10 preview (build 10240) is a pre Windows 10 platform offered by Microsoft in order to eliminate the possible glitches of its upcoming ambitious project Windows 10. Tech pundits and software enthusiasts find the preview interesting and attractive along with certain windows 10 issues that need to be eliminated before the actual launch of windows 10. They may be summarized as follows:


Issues arising in Tablet Mode

  • Its calendar live tile doesn’t update itself.
  • Here maps crash frequently after opening for some time.
  • Native maps app needs greater improvement in navigation department.
  • The annoying “double animation” while opening file explorer.
  • Single Mouse clicks on task bar buttons often go unregistered, whereas touch pad works fine with single clicks.
  • At times, there is no “Start Screen”animation, the screen just goes black and displays the start screen.
  • Tablet mode not available while using multiple monitors and but resizable snaps are only possible in tablet mode. Also, snaps are limited to two panes per monitor. Snapping with the mouse is a bit sleazy.
  • Adding an App in the app list using “Add to start” options doesn’t work , only dragging with mouse or touch does.


Other erupting issues

  • Lock password image turns to white momentarily before the image password is entered.
  • Wi-Fi signal loosens when the machine wakes up from stand by or after few hours of use.
  • Start colors could not be customized, and start backgrounds are no longer supported.
  • Edge crashes and hangs sometimes e.g. sometimes in cases of opening a local host like “”
  • Immersive/full screen edge missing (missing features like auto-hiding and swipe back/forward like IE11)
  • Edge Web live tiles missing. It doesn’t support add-ons
  • In a windows active for some time, “Searchindexer.exe” may hang.
  • Cortana can be unresponsive at times.

Most evidently, there was need for Microsoft to fix these bugs these before launching live windows 10 version on 29th July 2015. As of now, the new version is out and moving, we could just hope Microsoft had overcome the Windows 10 issues encountered during the testing phase with Insider Preview, thereby making its launch meaningful.


Simranpal Singh
Simranpal Singh
Simran Singh lives in Chandigarh, India and has been an avid Android fan since its release. Beside from working as a writer at The Gadget Square, he also runs his own Android blog named GoAndroid.

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