OIS Camera – The latest technology for high quality pictures

Today, smartphones without high quality camera, is of no use. Camera has become one of the most important feature of smartphone. Not only the back camera but nowadays front camera has also gained a lot of importance among the youth as well as others. ‘Selfies’ has become a part of a youth’s life which required the front camera of not less than 5 megapixels to get high quality pictures. maxresdefault

Nowadays maximum of the Smartphone’s come with camera’s providing its users high quality pictures. Earlier the phone’s which had camera lens fitted behind them did not provide good quality pictures, even if it was a costly phone. The problem which users faced was while clicking the pictures they had to keep the phone still and if it moved a little bit the picture would turn out to be a blurred one. This made clicking pictures very boring and irritating. I am sure if you were user of such phones you must have faced the same problem!! But today as mobile phones have been turned into smartphones that way even the camera has improved. Today, smartphones have a camera ranging from 5 megapixels to 13. Nokia had come up with a phone having 41 megapixel camera so you can imagine the quality of picture you get here. But the next question which will come in mind is whether the problem of blurring images still exists? Well, no it does not!!

OIS camera

What is OIS Technology?

The latest technology of Optimized Image Stabilization also known as OIS, OS etc has solved this problem. The main reason of using this technology is that the OIS camera provides the photographers a picture free from any blurring effect. The users can as well take pictures in low light and videos very smoothly. Earlier OIS camera was only available for digital cameras but nowadays it is also available for Microsoft’s Lumia, Androids and even Apple’s iphone. OIS camera works in quite a different way compared to the normal cameras. The highly accurate sensors capture even small vibrations this gives blur free pictures. The OIS Camera is being used in many latest Android smartphones as well as even Apple has made use of this technology in its camera in the newly launched iPhone 6 plus.

LG was the first to use the OIS technology in its smartphone named G2. In the future more and more Smartphone’s using this camera are coming in the market. So make the best use of this technology and click the best blur free pictures.

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