Data backups is often seen as difficult computer-based task that the common user shies away from. The truth is that it’s hardly difficult and you don’t need to be a computer wizard to set up a basic data backup.

 Data backups as easy as 1,2,3

One quick look at the backup process is all that’s needed to realize that saving files on the cloud needs nothing more than a user name and password. Most of the cloud- based storage probably stems from the facts that user don’t understand the meaning of backing up on the cloud ” and aren’t used to the idea of non-local medium of storage. Cloud storage is safe, easy and efficient.

Big players like Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Apple ensure that you’re aware of their forays into cloud storage. If anything, the trend is encouraging. And with each of them competing to be the best the winners are probably the users who are already associated with them. Search giant Google offers Google Drive, which can be installed on a PC or accessed via web browser. Drive lets you save attachments received in your mailbox. Additional, any important files can be backed up by manually dropping them in the installed drive folder. Linux users , On the other hand are forced to use web browser to access their files.

 Data backups as easy as 1,2,3

With smaller players such as drop box entering the picture, user can access their data regardless of which operating system they’re on . backing up has become as easy as dragging and dropping. Apps on your phones allow you to back up and sync photos, videos, music, text, files., etc with not more than a touch. Many services prompt you to save your files on the cloud and the only requirements is valid account and granted permission.

Even computer- savvy individuals have probably experienced some from of data loss or the other over the years. And with data recovery prices being sky high, its highly recommended that any user label their files as important or not so important. Data backup is an extremely simple procedure- one that can save you lots of hassle and prevent burning a hole in your pocket.