Best android apps june 2013

As you people know that their are many apps which are launched in june 2013. But out of these many apps we make a list of best five apps for the month of june 2013. This list will helps you to choose the best app for device. Now Lets review the best android apps of june 2013.


duolingo review

If you want to learn some new language while sitting at your home on your phone. You just have to download Duolingo Android app. This App helps you to learn many different languages like Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, and English totally free because this app is available for free on Play Store. It helps people in learning new languages by some interesting like if you failed in guessing some correct answer you will lose hearts and you will advances in game by completing lessons. You can Download it from the    Play Store

Google Keyboard

Google keyboard

Google Keyboard offers some interesting features like Swipe to write. It also has next-word suggestions, auto-complete, voice recognition, and support for 26 languages, although the keyboard itself is English-only for now. Most importantly it’s free where most of its competitors are not. But it only runs on Android 4.0(ice cream sandwich) or above. if you want to try it than download it for free from Play Store

Quick Social

quick social

Quick Social is an interesting app that allows you to tweet,post to Facebook,post to Google+ right from the notification of your phone and enable any or every social network,You have to log in your social network account and after that you enjoy the app. There isn’t much to write about. It’s a simple app that makes social sharing easy, fast and simple. It is available in free version as well as paid version. Download it from Play Store

Gmail Update


The World’s most used email service. Gmail makes some changes in its inbox last month. They provide the inbox with new look as they divide the inbox into different parts based upon your priorities and labels. They also put some colors into it which makes it feel good while opening your account. It is a good update to gmail which may increase its popularity more. Download it fro free from Play Store

BBC Weather

BBC Weather

The BBC has introduced yet another standalone mobile app for UK to provide weather news. This time focusing specifically on the weather Powered by Met Office data, BBC Weather also joins many BBC News Section BBC Sport, BBC News, iPlayer and iPlayer Radio in the UK broadcaster’s armory. Importantly this time BBC has launched their app on both Android and iOS. Download it for free from Play Store

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